Tesla allows its network to charge other electric cars

Tesla has one of the largest charging networks for electric cars.  This is normal, since electricity is the fuel for this type of car and is the most important infrastructure for it.

 The company's CEO, Elon Musk, has spoken for years about his company's intent to make its Supercharge network available to other electric vehicles.  But Musk finally announced a short while ago in July that this will happen in 2021.

 This week, Musk shared more information that shows how owners of other electric vehicles can benefit from Tesla's grid.

Why is Tesla taking this step

 Elon Musk explained that using Tesla's fast charging network would be very simple.  Whereas, owners of electric vehicles will be able to charge their cars from the Tesla network using only the Tesla smartphone app.

 Other car owners will be able to benefit from the service as shipping standards have become standardized in China and some European countries.  Conversely, in North America the companMusk y's charging stations use different connections, so owners of other electric vehicles will need a dedicated adapter.

 The company will not bear all the cost of this project.  Since Musk and his company have gone through multiple conversations with electric car manufacturers, Musk has stated that competitors will be able to accept the specified cost on the one hand, and support Tesla's charging cables on the other hand, with the possibility of using an adapter if this does not happen.

 Musk explained that his company created its own connectors at a time when there were no set standards.  As this happened when there were no companies offering cars like Tesla cars.

 Making Tesla's Supercharge network available to other cars would be a huge boost to the electric vehicle market.  The company currently has more than 3,000 charging stations and more than 27,000 charging connectors around the world, and these connectors ensure fast charging, which is one of its most important advantages.

 It is reported that a number of charging station providers such as EVgo, ChargePoint, and Blink have put themselves up for public subscription soon, so they now have enough money to expand their business, which will be in favor of electric vehicles first and foremost.

On the other hand, the main Supercharge stations in some large cities may have created new social activities, because these stations are usually crowded, which leads to the company's car owners congregating in this area, which is positive given that owners of relatively rare cars such as  Those are often close in terms of way of thinking and interests.

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