Snapchat Map Suggests Places to Visit

Over 250 million people use Snapchat's built-in map to find out where their friends are in the world.

 The map interface was recently upgraded to a main tab within the app, and the company is now adding a new feature that shows popular places you think you might like to visit.

 The platform is looking to improve the discovery of businesses within it with a new element in the Snap Map called “My Favorite Places.”  Which highlights popular businesses and places you've previously visited via the map view.

 Snap Map users also start seeing lists of places, such as restaurants, that have been flagged in previous posts or made favourites.

 You can locate a group of businesses across the map with three different listing categories.  These are the places your Snap friends have popular with you, the places you liked, and the places you've been to in the past. 

 The Popular tab at the bottom center of Snapchat's map shows recommendations for places to go.  This is based on factors such as your current location, friends' activity across the map, and the type of places you've saved to favourites.

 A company spokesperson said: “This new algorithm in our popular tab marks Snap Map as a highly customized discovery platform, and is the first feature of its kind for Snapchat in generale.

And with these recent additions and updates, such as integrations with restaurant review site The Infatuation and Ticketmaster, the platform turns its map into a unique way to discover the world around you.

Snapchat Map Suggests Places to Visit

 Although it is not a useful driver of the company's revenue yet.  However, advertisers are able to target ads based on the locations of the people who have chosen to share this information.

 As a result, this could be a good way to encourage foot travel to a local business.

Seeing friends across the map along with information about businesses is a relatively unique feature that Facebook hasn't been able to copy.

 With My Favorite Places, you can discover more than 30 million businesses, the company said.  Register their favorite local sites, and find personalized recommendations for their friends and the global platform community.

 Furthermore, Snap recently reported that it has 293 million daily users.  This makes its user base 42 percent larger than Twitter users.


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